Pop Psychology

My Psych teacher used to tell us that Psychology Today, was nothing but a bunch of fluff pieces. I’m inclined to agree with her. But what ever, I got a 4 on my AP Psych Test NYAH!


In Which Somthing Happens.

My job has been pretty uneventful till a couple of nights ago when I heard someone try to get my attention. “Excuse me do you know where the candles are?” I look up expecting to see a stranger, but I didn’t. “Yeah just keep walking that way till you hit the wall”. “Thank you” she replied.

My head raced. Seriously, I could not keep my thoughts straight! Maybe she doesn’t work here, maybe she works somewhere else that requires a vest just like ours.  Maybe I should consider finding another job. Barnes and Nobles would hire me now, I’m finally 18! No, it’s the holiday season, everyone is looking for seasonal workers, but if I’m really good, they’d keep me! No, no this is silly, as a Buddhist this makes me a bad person… well I’m not really a Buddhist am I? If I was I’d be a terrible one. Well, what the hell universe, do you think this is funny! I hear you laughing! This is like a bad English comedy… Bah it probablly wasn’t even her. I’m being silly. It was just some one with the same tacky hair as her.


It wasn’t. But nothing came of it, so it’s okay. I also worked on Black Friday, 10hours, that wasn’t bad either.

WTF is Ethnic Food?

It irritates me to no end when people say this. Is it Indian? Carribean? Morrocan? You can’t just divide foods into a white and non white category. Every culture’s food is unique. Slapping such a general ugly label on them is incredible disrespectful. If you like ethic food so much, why don’t you try learning the proper name.