It’s hard to practice non attachment, to something you are very attached to.

-glares at laptop-


Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems, Biggie Please

I don’t want to be rich when I grow up. My father wants us to make a lot of money. Our family has never been financially prosperous. I think for about a year pre-9/11 we had a good ride, but lately we’ve been in the red. This of course ’causes a lot of stress for my family, my mom can’t stand my father and he can’t stand opening bills, and we, the kids, can’t stand being here. It’s depressing, we can’t functions properly because we can’t stop arguing. My sister’s and I can get out, but they never can.

The Wheels Start Turning

Christmas was nice, I didn’t get much. 70 dollars from my father and a Leather Jacket from my older sister. We went to the only place open on Christmas- the movies. My little sister and I watched “The Princess and the Frog” and my parents and older sister watched “Sherlock Holmes”. I got my dad a collection of James Bond Movies. Apparently “Octopussy” was broken, I got my Mom Rush Hour 3, she loves those movies, and my older sister got a whooole bunch of movies and some other crap I bought for her. My little sister got her hair done and I’m paying for her phone’s 3g data plan. Whew. It was nice.

Breanna left on Sunday morning we didn’t cry like last time. She reached okay, so that’s awesome. I’m sure she took some of my stuff though haha, that bastard.

On Tuesday I got my acceptance letter to Evergreen! So excited. Now I really have to start saving money. Hufff

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